Wednesday, October 9, 2013

YUKTES VIJAY - The One Who Has Everything About Anwar

YUKTES VIJAY -  Who used to be in Anwar's team of lawyers has finally choose to come out and exposed lies of Anwar and the damage he had caused to DAP and PKR. 

"Tunku Abdul Aziz bin Tunku Ibrahim (born 1934 in Alor Setar) is a Malaysian corporate figure, activist and politician. He has held numerous roles in the worldwide anti-corruption movement, most prominently as vice chairman of the Board of Directors of Transparency International. He is currently a Senator in the Dewan Negara, 
E-mel dari Tunku Aziz ..Perangsang perjuangan saya...
Saya menerima e-mel ini beberapa hari yang lalu. Saya dan Tunku tak pernah berjumpa walaupun sekali. Beliau membaca tentang artikel saya dan telah meminta sahabat media nombor saya.
Banyak nasihat serta pengalaman yang dikongsi. Akan saya ulas lepas forum.
Terima kasih Tunku!" - YUKTES VIJAY

E- mail sent by Tunku Aziz, Ex DAP Deputy President to Yuktes Vijay
Check here for his testimonies and submitted evidence regarding his EX CLIENT - Anwar Ibrahim 

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