Friday, October 4, 2013



DAP is not a democratic party, and will never become one like Umno, MCA or MIC. DAP is ‘owned’ by Lim Dynasty; others in the party are there only to serve them.

Why? Read this:

1. While other political parties like Umno, MCA and MIC saw changes to its top leadership since Merdeka, DAP retains Lim Kit Siang as the supreme leader. Nobody dared to contest this, let alone challenge Lim to step down.

2. Umno, MCA and others hold direct elections with, for and by members for all positions in the party. In the DAP, however, office-bearers were chosen by a 20-member central executive committee (CEC) which had been elected by delegates. Technically, a CEC member who may have finished at 20th position, needed only 11 votes to hold a top position like chairman and secretary-general.

3. Compared to DAP, Umno and MCA do not sack any member without holding an internal inquiry, in which the affected person would be given all avenues to defend. But scores of DAP members had been expelled without even showcause letters. Even many members did not receive notice of EGM or general assembly.

4. Between 1968 until today, Umno (for instance) had had six presidents, while the DAP only lived under a single dynastic rule. MCA too saw changes to its top brass leadership and held annual assembly.

5. During the same period, Lim Kit Siang had held a world record by commanding a party for 45 years, including the 27 years as its secretary-general. Although many leaders of his time have quit active politics, Kim still has not called it a day, merely to safeguard his interests and hegemony in DAP.

6. The political saga of Kerk Kim Hock, former DAP secretary-general, is a fine example of Lim Dynasty’s hegemony.  Lim Kit Siang wants to place his son, Guan Eng, in the strongest position possible to continue their family dynasty in the DAP.

7. Others in the DAP like Karpal Singh will not rise further. They are there only to serve Lim’s dynasty. Karpal and sons will never get the chance to build a ‘Singh empire’ within DAP, and no room either for any Tan, Lee or Chua.

8. Unlike the DAP, Umno, MCA and other parties do not deploy schoolboy tactics in blaming the error in tabulations of votes as a technical glitch (the CEC election late last year). Will DAP ensure a free, fair and clean re-election on Sunday Sept 29?

9. Any botched electoral process this time around will lead to the party’s irrelevance, and will also end the unwanted dynasty hegemony. Many believe ‘Lim & Co’ will resort to some tricks again to ensure that only their proxies get to the CEC.

10. DAP is a Chinese party, a hardliner. There is no space for Malays and Indians to move up, let alone getting the votes from delegates, unless instructed by Lim.

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