Tuesday, October 1, 2013

DAP CEC 2.0 -- #limdynasty All Over Again !

DAP CEC 1.0's result is obviously CHEATING and though they are having the 2.0 thing going on which ended recently but the result was? STILL THE SAME OLD GANG INSIDE THE PARTY. 

Coincidence or well planned strategy? Lim Dynasty has been in DAP like god knows how many centuries; from Lim Kit Siang (even before independence) till Lim Guan Eng. I bet their grandchildren is next generation in line for DAP high post? 

Not forgetting JENICE LEE (Ex-ADUN Teratai) who have already sacked from DAP has expressed her disappointment towards DAP and regard the party as GANGSTER GROUP over her Facebook. Does this ring a bell?

Also check out DAP INSIDER, where a self proclaimed ex member of DAP - Peter Chan been leaking out many inside information about how LIM DYNASTY playing their power in the party in eliminating strong opponents. All these just to make themselves stay in power till the day they die.

Based on many encounters and accounts, it is hard to be convinced that all these are just coincidences and the loyalty of the members in the party. Why DAP remains as chauvinism Chinese party?

Is Zairil a.k.a Christopher Ross Lim be able to present as Malay 100% but in fact he is a Chinese?

In order for LIM DYNASTYto stay in power... Who is NEXT IN LINE to be GUN DOWN? Just like JENICE LEE who has unique suggestion and ideas but against the idealistic of LIM DYNASTY.


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