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YUKTES VIJAY - The One Who Has Everything About Anwar

YUKTES VIJAY -  Who used to be in Anwar's team of lawyers has finally choose to come out and exposed lies of Anwar and the damage he had caused to DAP and PKR. 

"Tunku Abdul Aziz bin Tunku Ibrahim (born 1934 in Alor Setar) is a Malaysian corporate figure, activist and politician. He has held numerous roles in the worldwide anti-corruption movement, most prominently as vice chairman of the Board of Directors of Transparency International. He is currently a Senator in the Dewan Negara, 
E-mel dari Tunku Aziz ..Perangsang perjuangan saya...
Saya menerima e-mel ini beberapa hari yang lalu. Saya dan Tunku tak pernah berjumpa walaupun sekali. Beliau membaca tentang artikel saya dan telah meminta sahabat media nombor saya.
Banyak nasihat serta pengalaman yang dikongsi. Akan saya ulas lepas forum.
Terima kasih Tunku!" - YUKTES VIJAY

E- mail sent by Tunku Aziz, Ex DAP Deputy President to Yuktes Vijay
Check here for his testimonies and submitted evidence regarding his EX CLIENT - Anwar Ibrahim 






砂劳越不需要行动党这种存有种族歧视的党,也是来自西马的党。“IMPIAN SARAWAK”只是虚假的诺言!林伯从来不相信这个州以外的人!张建仁在行动党也只是个小角色。。

砂劳越的子民啊, 请爱护属于我们的砂劳越!!

Berbagai cara DAP gunakan untuk menampakkan mereka bekerjakeras untuk rakyat...Sesungguhnya tujuan utama mereka hanya semata-mata hendak pecah belahkan rakyat sarawak serta ingin berkuasa....
Jika kita guna akal logik untuk mengamati kerja amal impian sarawak,kenapa perlu meminta derma untuk membangunkan kawasan???
Bukankah itu membebankan rakyat????
Sedangkan DAP telah berkuasa di beberapa kawasan tetapi masih lagi mengharap derma dari rakyat....
Adakah DAP boleh kita harapkan untuk menubuhkan kerajaan,sedangkan awal-awal lagi dah minta derma???
Kepada warga sarawak semua,kita tolak politik DAP dari negeri kita...Impian sarawak hanyalah selogan manis,pada hakikat sebenarnya Igauan buruk sarawak....Sayangilah sarawak..

DAP INSIDER: DAP Tried To Bribe ROS With RM 500,000.00 - Episod...

"With the ban of DAP, Malaysian will be force to believe and accuse BN for using ROS to ban DAP. Action would reflecting Chinese community feeling offended and against BN."

DAP INSIDER: DAP Tried To Bribe ROS With RM 500,000.00 - Episod...It is hard to believe that Lim Dynasty now striving hard to ban DAP. Unfortunately, that is the fact that we have to swallow.

DAP is getting near to the end after 29th. Sept. 2013 CEC election. According to the constitution, DAP to hold re-elections as required by the constitution of the DAP. Meaning, to repeat the last December 2012 election. Same candidate and the same representatives with the 10 weeks’ notice to be issued to all this representatives.

But DAP has violated both rules above. They just follow the 2012 candidates. They issuing notice to the delegate is unconstitutional. Representatives only being given 4 week notice.

Another violation is to change status of branch with B certificate to A certificate. This is to enable them to be representative of CEC re-election. A total of 120 branches have already upgraded from B certificate to A certificate and this involved 450 delegates.

Lim Guan Eng’s evil work with the help from his both humble servant Tony Pua and Anthony Loke has been known by the 5 Tigers. This news has spread even to the members of the opposition. This is going to be new disaster to Lim Dynasty.
Problem after another making life of Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang, Anthony Loke and Tony Pua a living hell. A day after the re-election, they called Karpal Singh to discuss this matter. RSN Rayer was also present at that meeting.

During the meeting a consensus was reached unanimously that the best way to save is with DAP banned by ROS and they will register back the party. They want ROS to ban DAP without doing more thorough investigation because when ROS start digging, they will reveal a lot of dirty things hide under DAP carpet which directly pointing to Lim Guan Eng.
To enable all this strategy, which is ban without further investigation, they require assistance from ROS. This is where RSN Rayer came into the picture. He was asked to deal with ROS and offer bribe amount of RM 500,000.00 to ROS for DAP to be banned immediately.

DAP ban will not only close the Lim Dynasty rotten pies, but can pose a bigger profit to them.

With the ban of DAP, Malaysian will be force to believe and accuse BN for using ROS to ban DAP. Action would reflecting Chinese community feeling offended and against BN.

When DAP banned and re-registered, is a great opportunity for Lim Dynasty to kick out all his enemies including the 5 Tigers. Then they will make a new constitution and set the position of a Secretary-General hold no term limit. This will enable Lim Guan Eng remained in the chair forever.

Conclusion from this, by DAP being banned immediately will give a political millage and gains for Lim Dynasty so that they continue strengthen their power and reign in DAP.

DAP INSIDER: Lim and Singh Dynasty Working Hard To Banned DAP -...

"Did you know that DAP currently doing effort to ban their own party? Find hard to believe? Bullshit?........"

DAP INSIDER: Lim and Singh Dynasty Working Hard To Banned DAP -...I apologize for not been able to update this blog for a week. I was in Bali to meet someone and from there to Perth to meet some DAP leader regarding CEC re-election on 29th Sept. 2013.

I will not stop writing on this blog and I will continue with all the series until everything is over. You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. 

Today some might think my writing is less important or just another story after story or perhaps lies but I believe what is filled in this blog will be an important reference one day. Fortune favors the bold.

Last weekend CEC re-election giving Lim and Singh Dynasty a tremendous headache. All because of the presence of Jenice Lee as a representative and she did casting vote during the election. "Sell a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man how to fish, you ruin a wonderful business opportunity". 

Malaysian have learned that Jenice Lee sacked from DAP during GE-13, Apr 2013. Out of sudden Jenice appear on the polling day to choose the CEC last weekend. The pictures include her presence in that meeting and during casting her voting paper into the ballot box which widely disseminated on the internet.

Dissemination of the photographs makes people believe that the selection of the CEC was not done properly and ROS action all this while is right. Internet citizens questioned how people who have been sacked present as delegate ?

Both Lim and Singh Dynasty issued a directive to all CEC members not to give any comment on that matter when asked by reporters or anyone else. This is to avoid another disaster to DAP.

Jenice presence as a representative is valid and accordance to rules and regulations of DAP. She was sacked before by CEC which is not recognized. That is why she is still a delegate.

If there any member of CEC explaining the presence of Jenice, will confirmed that the previous CEC was not recognized. That would be a terrible disaster to Lim Dynasty. They choose to be silenced on that matter and creating a diversion on continuous attacking the ROS to proof their innocence and to confuse Malaysian. That is why this week, Lim Guan Eng, Karpal Singh and Tony Pua continue attacking ROS. Malaysian by now should know that all these people are the "Master of Illusion, Delusion and Diversion".

At the same time they were also upset because of their credibility was badly tarnished among the intelligentsia and Chinese businessmen. CEC runoff election turmoil felt by the Penang Government as businessmen began to calculate the risk to invest capital in Penang as the result of instability of Lim Guan Eng’s position.

What I wish to expose now might be difficult for you to swallow or to trust but I can easily believe it because I have been hanging out with this group of people for such a long time. It is a norm or culture in DAP that they never walk the talk. They appear to be hero against corruption and highest integrity group of people, but in reality many do not know that DAP is a strong party that deify corruption.

Did you know that DAP currently doing effort to ban their own party?

Find hard to believe? Bullshit?........

Unfortunately, this is the fact. It happened after the re-election of CEC last weekend. Famous quote by Karl Marx:

Necessity is blind until it becomes conscious. Freedom is the consciousness of necessity

How and what is being done by DAP to ban their own party, I will share with you tomorrow in the second episode.

Friday, October 4, 2013

#929 Death of Democracy

9.29.... DAP CEC 2.0. THE DAY THAT DEMOCRACY DIES... 民主死亡!

安华的后庭故事! Anwar's Back Door Story! #anwaribrahim



DAP is not a democratic party, and will never become one like Umno, MCA or MIC. DAP is ‘owned’ by Lim Dynasty; others in the party are there only to serve them.

Why? Read this:

1. While other political parties like Umno, MCA and MIC saw changes to its top leadership since Merdeka, DAP retains Lim Kit Siang as the supreme leader. Nobody dared to contest this, let alone challenge Lim to step down.

2. Umno, MCA and others hold direct elections with, for and by members for all positions in the party. In the DAP, however, office-bearers were chosen by a 20-member central executive committee (CEC) which had been elected by delegates. Technically, a CEC member who may have finished at 20th position, needed only 11 votes to hold a top position like chairman and secretary-general.

3. Compared to DAP, Umno and MCA do not sack any member without holding an internal inquiry, in which the affected person would be given all avenues to defend. But scores of DAP members had been expelled without even showcause letters. Even many members did not receive notice of EGM or general assembly.

4. Between 1968 until today, Umno (for instance) had had six presidents, while the DAP only lived under a single dynastic rule. MCA too saw changes to its top brass leadership and held annual assembly.

5. During the same period, Lim Kit Siang had held a world record by commanding a party for 45 years, including the 27 years as its secretary-general. Although many leaders of his time have quit active politics, Kim still has not called it a day, merely to safeguard his interests and hegemony in DAP.

6. The political saga of Kerk Kim Hock, former DAP secretary-general, is a fine example of Lim Dynasty’s hegemony.  Lim Kit Siang wants to place his son, Guan Eng, in the strongest position possible to continue their family dynasty in the DAP.

7. Others in the DAP like Karpal Singh will not rise further. They are there only to serve Lim’s dynasty. Karpal and sons will never get the chance to build a ‘Singh empire’ within DAP, and no room either for any Tan, Lee or Chua.

8. Unlike the DAP, Umno, MCA and other parties do not deploy schoolboy tactics in blaming the error in tabulations of votes as a technical glitch (the CEC election late last year). Will DAP ensure a free, fair and clean re-election on Sunday Sept 29?

9. Any botched electoral process this time around will lead to the party’s irrelevance, and will also end the unwanted dynasty hegemony. Many believe ‘Lim & Co’ will resort to some tricks again to ensure that only their proxies get to the CEC.

10. DAP is a Chinese party, a hardliner. There is no space for Malays and Indians to move up, let alone getting the votes from delegates, unless instructed by Lim.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Yes, as claimed by Rahmad Isahak who finally chose to quit as an ordinary member of DAP. Next? More Malays will quit this racist party.

It is clear that from the results, there will be no Malays win even though BERNAME titled Zairil as Malay candidate in DAP. Refer to House PK HERE.

DAP CEC 2.0 - Zairil Is Not A Malay! #DAPRACIST

Zairil Khir Johari @ Christopher Ross Lim is a MUSLIM, but never a Malay. So, to say that he is 100% representing the Malay is an absolutely biggest mistake. 

He is the STEPSON of Tan Sri Mohamed Khir Johari, UMNO's veteran leader and the member of first cabinet under the leadership of Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj.

Zairil Khir Johari's biological mother, Puan Sri Christine Lim; who was married as second wife to Tan Sri Mohamed Khir Johari after the depart of his first wife, Puan Sri Kalsom Abdul Rahman on 20 September 1994.

Both of them were married in February 1996. At that time,  Christine Lim is a widow with 2 children from the previous marriage with a Chinese and Zairil was already 13 years old. It is clear that Zairil @ Christopher Ross Lim is a 100% Chinese descendent.
According to Wikipedia, Zairil Khir Johari (Lim Guan Eng's Political Secretary) has been refer to as STEPSON of Mohamed Khir Johari.

Zairil is the son of Christine Lim with another Chinese man before embracing Muslim. DAP is using him as a GREAT WEAPON to attract Malays in supporting their agendas, according to RBF.

Ex-DAP Deputy President, Tunku Aziz claimed that Zairil is not a Malay since both of his biological parents are Chinese, in The New Straits Times

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


PRIOR to CEC, 17 names have been pulled out from the contestant list. CONINCIDENCE? Or WELL PLANNED  tactics to stay in power? 

A.David Dass, ex-deputy president DAP for Ladang Paroi Branch claimes that this is an ULTIMATE HIDDEN AGENDA that DAP has been using in every CEC in order to preserved the same leaders in CEC.

"If there were no hidden agendas within the previous CEC members, why do they pulled out? The numbers that have been pulled out is not little but BIG" claimed David..

He is convinced that the pull out of the 17 obviously is to maintained the same structure in DAP CEC 1.0 last December.

In total, there are 68 candidates in DAP CEC 2.0 for the total of 20 seats. 17 have been pulled out and 2 have declared leaving the party which contributes to only 49 candidates to compete in this CEC. 

DAP CEC 2.0 -- #limdynasty All Over Again !

DAP CEC 1.0's result is obviously CHEATING and though they are having the 2.0 thing going on which ended recently but the result was? STILL THE SAME OLD GANG INSIDE THE PARTY. 

Coincidence or well planned strategy? Lim Dynasty has been in DAP like god knows how many centuries; from Lim Kit Siang (even before independence) till Lim Guan Eng. I bet their grandchildren is next generation in line for DAP high post? 

Not forgetting JENICE LEE (Ex-ADUN Teratai) who have already sacked from DAP has expressed her disappointment towards DAP and regard the party as GANGSTER GROUP over her Facebook. Does this ring a bell?

Also check out DAP INSIDER, where a self proclaimed ex member of DAP - Peter Chan been leaking out many inside information about how LIM DYNASTY playing their power in the party in eliminating strong opponents. All these just to make themselves stay in power till the day they die.

Based on many encounters and accounts, it is hard to be convinced that all these are just coincidences and the loyalty of the members in the party. Why DAP remains as chauvinism Chinese party?

Is Zairil a.k.a Christopher Ross Lim be able to present as Malay 100% but in fact he is a Chinese?

In order for LIM DYNASTYto stay in power... Who is NEXT IN LINE to be GUN DOWN? Just like JENICE LEE who has unique suggestion and ideas but against the idealistic of LIM DYNASTY.