Thursday, May 2, 2013

Anwar Exposed Najib's BOMOHS!!... Or Himself?

Lately, lots of people including me, received a message claimed sources from NECF (NATIONAL EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP ) stating:

Four bomohs from Pakistan, Siam, Africa and Indonesia have been sent by Najib to East Malaysia. Sources from NECF told, to "release" a spiritual stronghold. Please pray. Churches must be alerted. The season of warfare is intensifying. Please pass on to churches to intercede. Blessings.

This message clearly is targeting the christian voters. NO doubt this is another Anwar's propaganda to down play Najib.

As usual, it is Anwar's habit to FITNAH other party in order to HIDE his own doings.Let's see how many BOMOHS are currently serving Anwar.

1st bomoh, BHAJAN SINGH @ AJIT SINGH A/L SOCHA (AGE 67) is an official BOMOH of Anwar. He will attend every Anwar's court session. During the trial of Anwar's sodomy towards Saiful, BHAJAN will enter the sitting before Anwar.

Anwar's 2nd BOMOH, PAK DIN; the one wearing a white kopiah. He is Malay BOMOH for Anwar AL - JUBIRI. He can do any spells and withcraft. He remains as Anwar's mystical advisor. Not forgetting few BOMOH Indonesia who follows Anwar AL-JUBIRI. 

Those BOMOHs would not work for Anwar for free but for a price. Dato Ravi is the leader of all the BOMOHs. All BOMOHS received their reward through Dato Ravi. 

One thing ANWAR AL-JUBIRI failed to learn from the BOMOHS is learning how to be invisible in front of CCTVs (ekekkekekekeke).....

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