Friday, April 5, 2013

YAB Pehin Sri! Backstabbed!

I felt very ashamed when I read what had Sebanaku posted earlier today.... It is confirmed that Sebanaku is with the group which REALLY into toppling CM.  

If Ketua Setiausaha was to topple CM why would CM still bring him to almost everywhere in Sarawak? Why Would CM STILL appoint him as Ketua Setiausaha? Sebanaku must have been watching too much CSI (whole series)... that enables him to try so hard in connecting SPRM story with this one.. bravo? To me, this is epic failure... Well, don't give up.. keep trying.


Plot to topple CM : Betrayers are fully identified

Reliable sources from within the inner circle had shown that responsible parties who created such clumsy stories about the plot to topple CM have been fully identified. 

It is well supported by documentary evidence and testimonies. It simply means, we have physical evidence and documents on hand and vast network which pumping in information. 

Folks, Sarawak is indeed a BIG STATE but the fraternity of people involves in main stream politics are definitely  small. It’s like my favourite Kolok Mee.. easy to find lah~~~

Those culprits who still struggling like fish in an empty pond trying to spin the truth such as SEBANAKU Sarawak…. I suggest you stop writing those bullshit from now on (of course, if you want to waste unnecessary energy on it.. I won’t stop you). 

So what’s next? Full disclosure will be done after PRU13. Rest assured a FULL HOUSE CLEANING will takes place in PBB. 

Beware a person who is self-proclaimed Ketua Cawangan in BN party component who can’t even vote in the last Party Convention because that particular cawangan is not even registered nor approved. 

All this while, they seem to be menacing freely thinking that they are untouchable; owning the whole world in their palms. I JUST can’t wait to see the day the two rascal punk reaching the end of their luck.

A PRESENTABLE APOLOGY shall be demanded by one of the person who has been frequently named in the silly as hell plot. 

Evil will never stand, just like JUDAS with his 30 filthily silver coins.

More stories to come…  After PRU13!


  1. Why it happned?Pls your are to longggg in the CM office. Bagus itu bagus but pleaseeeee bagi peluang org muda yg lebih cerdas OTAK mengambil alih. Old is old experiance is great. In reality as human tua is tua you are now slow n reach BAR already. Jgn fikir kaaw un diak there is another million rakyat yg allah ujudkan di sarawak lebih baik. Penasihat di seliling kaaw idak mengampu Yes Pehin smuah diak. Sien nda diak a yen diak. We appreciate your jasa but time ngak tapak for you to gives new blood to take a lead. Voice of die hard BN supporters

    1. Only the opposition in Swak will like to see Taib relinguished Chief Ministership.Taib is the pillar within Swak's BN.Being the strongest component ruling party PBB is look upon as a big n reliable partner.The component party respect this status quo.If every component party is "keras kepala" then there'll be no coalition.The are so much bickering in PR coz every one is "keras kepala"..

  2. Kenak orang2 tertentu di Sarawak tidak percaya yang Taib dan kuncu2 nya rasuah walau pun banyak bukti2 tertentu telah dikeluarkan? Taib sendiri macam terasa dan mengishtiharkan babawa beliau tidak akan bekerjasama denagn SPRM dan memanggil SPRM as agensi "naughty" and dishonest!!!!! Jadi jangan blame the rakyat for believing in Anwar that he is not the sodomist inspite of evidences shown.

  3. 100% agreed. So Blogers pro BN put in your agenda for this lonngggggg serving YB supaya berundur secara terhormat! Empayar ROM waima Empayar Islam pun boleh roboh! S curve. Tidak selamanya berkuasa! Sebelum die BN voters benci dan meluat pls Walk The Talk for new blood in the office!

    1. Only PBB members can decide who to lead.Dtk Patinggi Taib is there coz PBB members want him to continue leading PBB.Some members may not like it.But in a democratic party such as PBB every member is allowed/eligible to vie for any post.If he thinks that he deserves a presidency post then join the contest if a time comes.But in PBB its members are decipline lot.They respect PBB tradition.The younger members respect the old.The time will definite come when they take over.No political sabotage,no backstabbing.That is the factor that stabilized PBB.Little bickering is not unusual.The leadership under Taib managed to deal with it without disrupting the whole PBB.Except may be during the Ming Court saga.But yet Taib survived.Majority if not all the PBB members still support Taib.No outsiders can demand that Taib must leave politics.PBB n BN still form a stable govt coz the majority of the people support BN.Just musing..hehe.


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