Friday, April 5, 2013

This is The Woman Who Called Herself Neutral

This is the woman who claims she is NEUTRAL. 
This is the woman who INSIST Bersih is NEUTRAL.
This woman is Dato' Ambiga Sreenevasan... 

Then why does this woman showing up in Pakatan's poster along with Hew Kuan Yau who fulls of vulgarity. 



  1. If Ambiga ever comes to Sarawak the immigration authority must bar her entry.Not that she is a supporter of pluralism,liberalism or LGBT but because whatever she does has no importance for Sarawak.Street demonstrations are all she knew.This political chameleon has no shame.She lied n spun all the facts.Bersih street bashings were her agenda.Ambiga's hatred towards the Malays/UMNO is undisputable.We don't need such characters in Swak.Don't bring hate politics to Swak.

  2. AgendaDaily reported that Azmin Ali promised Sarawak to be given an autonomy should PR won Putra Jaya.What autonomy he's talking about?Being a Sarawakian I'm happy to see the development of Swak since its independence.In a short span of 55 years of independence thru Malaysia Sarawak has developed tremendously.Being a layman in politics I was contented with what we have achieved so far.During the colonial period,I was a primary school pupil back then,education wasn't free.Even a monthly school fee of $1.00 many families couldn,t afford their kids to school.No free text books like we enjoyed today.It was common to see kids as little as seven yrs old walked (some barefooted) to school few kilometres away (those days distance was measured by "mile" thus a term mileage/batu).The unlucky ones only dreamt of school.Some of my Iban classmates registered late in their early teens.One was 17 yrs old whilst were in primary 4.Those hard days reminded me how thankful I am now.Free education till secondary.No schoolfees.Free text books.Special allowance of RM200 for every pupils before a new class.Fantastic.In Indonesia even a mother cannot give birth in govt hospital unless she foot a deposit.In Swak almost everything is FREE.Why do we have to quarrel over an autonomy since we have enjoyed so much freedom in Swak.We have our share of development - social,economy,politics etc.Sharing is the core element in a federation.Swak is part of the Federation of Malaysia.Our past leaders such as Apai Tun Jugah to name a few were farsighted n visionary in their own unique ways.Great leaders are born not made.Adios.


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