Monday, April 29, 2013

This Is Not A Sex Vid; Every Malaysian Should Watch It

Fellow Malaysians should watch and share this around. A lot of my friends and family often thought that interfering / seeking foreign power is always a good choice to overcome a situation. THINK AGAIN. 

Malaysia especially Borneo full of natural resources and unexplored lands... being one of the amazing destination in the world; is a GOOD ASSET if any country be able to obtain it. 

Look at China, before their economy started to boom and even surpass US... Did US pay attention to them? Not until China started to gain fame worldwide of course.

I am not saying that trusting foreign technologies and information are forbidden but we should all DITCH that foreign power is the solution of EVERYTHING. The thinking of MOON OUTSIDE OF THE COUNTRY IS ROUNDER should be eliminated. 

PAKATAN which famous of allying with the foreign power has made a huge mistake. In fact, they are selling this lovely country to the outside world. period...

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