Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Dummy's Guide On How Should Christians Vote




Produced by Catholic Research Centre & Council of Churces Malaysia


  1. The thank u party thrown by DAP in Penang after its victory in Sibu by-election arose my suspicion on the role of this so-called religiuos group.DAP had invited amongst others Xtian leaders from Sri Aman,Sibu,Miri and Kuching.It was revealed that after the dinner a pact was made amongst them.The pact called for a change in the govt setup.The above Dummy's Guide is for what purpose.Mixing politics with religious matters is not giving any good to us.We want harmony.

  2. The above Dummy is an ideal philosophy or theory.Ideally we will vote for candidates that match our ideals.But in reality there's no 100% "honest and incorrupt" persons or parties around.So we're left with the best among them.Best to me may not best for u.One man's meat is another man's poison.

    Equality is subjective.Even in Christianity we treat the pastors with different respect.Not everyone can forgive sin.Only the appointed one such as a bishop has that authourity.Hence,there's no equality.A law does'nt guarantee equality.Unique privileges given to the bumiputra,for example,as enshrined in our Constitution is a safeguard for their rights Being natives they deserve these special privileges.But the rights of the non-natives are also guaranteed.No law can take it away from you.In an instant that one take a citizenship of an another country,for example,then that person has forfeited his rights over a country of his origin.Don't blame the law.Our laws are equal to everyone.Just musing.


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