Wednesday, April 17, 2013

SWP Is Larry Sng's Tool to Destroy The Only 100% DAYAK Party

Maybe a lot will think SWP is just for vengeance against James Masing but THINK again; is this just all about his own personal affair with James Masing?

The PRAWN behind the rock might be beyond the plot to defeat James Masing but targeting the WHOLE DAYAK party. If James Masing were defeated in the coming election, the power of PRS will start to fall from time to time.

By then, it will be a perfect timing for SWP to take charge and conduct intrusion into PRS just like what happened in PBDS (Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak) before.

The DAYAK leadership will then getting weaker from the shredding of SWP. Thus, the voices from the DAYAKS will become smaller and smaller and smaller then disappear.

SWP is a tool for LARRY SNG and his father to infiltrate the DAYAK parties?
Anyhow, this is just a speculation but not a FITNAH.


  1. Your speculation is logical.Dato Sng is a political gambler whose political agenda is vindictive and self-interest.The animosity between him n DS Jemut goes back during PBDS days.Sng backed Tajem in a tussle for a presidency then.The vacuum left by Dtk Leo was the cause.The rest is history.
    PRS was almost deregistered by the ROS when Larry Sng launched a coup n won uncontested for PRS's president.Of course,DS Jemut n his followers weren't in Bintulu then.Thus,PRS had 2 presidents.DS Jemut was again recognised legally as a president after ROS declared the Bintulu's coup as illegal.
    Come this PRU13 Swak saw a new party - SWP,Sarawak Workers's Party.The mastermind was of course the elder Sng.
    Ur right to speculate that SWP is born to bury PRS,a Dayakbased party.Suspicion n extreme vegeance best described SWP core intention to fight PRS all the way.A retired Dtk Sng is throwing all his money to stand in Selangau.It's obvious,correct?
    Whatever comes,the voters must decide wisely whom to vote.Remember your vote will decide where PRS will be in future.PRS is still the best to represent the Dayaks.Moreover PRS is a partner in BN.Just musing..

  2. SWP is a mosquito party.Parti Cinta Msia isn't around anymore.Remember Gabriel Adit of Ngemah,Kanowit,was its Sarawak's chairman? An associate of Chee Hua during PBDS days Gabriel had lost all.Many of Chee Hua's good n strong supporters were no longer in politics.Habis manis sepah dibuang.
    SWP is a short term strategy n vehicle for Chee Hua business.Its future is uncertain n may be bleak.After PRU13 SWP,win or lose, will not be around to serve the people.The people of Pelagus DUN can vouch for this.Since he won Pelagus DUN SWP's YB George Lagong had not brought any development for Pelagus.Larry was there for 2 terms yet Pelagus remained under developed.If not for Dtk Alexander (incumbent YB)and DS James Jemut direct interference Kapit town would still faced a water problem.The more than 10 years problem was only recenlty solved.Thank u DTK Alexander n DS James Jemut.
    Now YB George is betting to wrestle Hulu Rejang from PRS/BN.It's a herculean task.Both DUN Belaga n Balleh are currently represented by PRS's strongmen (YB Liwan n YB DS James Jemut respectively).PRS is betting on its fresh n young candidate i.e Wilson Ugak Kumbong,previously serving as a Political Secretary to the CM n his last post as a private secretary to DS James.
    PKR is joining the fray too.So it will harder for SWP.It seemed Wilson Ugak has the upper hand.Not only he was nominated by his party but he has the strong backing of the voters in Balleh constituency,a sronghold of PRS President.In Belaga Wilson Ugak will rely on the support of YB Liwan's supporters.PRS/BN has a better chance to regain Hulu Rejang.

  3. Fighting continues between Dr James & D Sng. SWP & PRS is fresh fight. Both claim to represent Dayaks in the Swak government. Voters must by now be able to judge your very own decision. Vote the real leader. To all Dayak voters, your suggestion and speculation is nothing the change the winds. Dr James ple renew our future now rather tna later by renewing your utmostt strategies. PRS is the only channel for us. May now you are dreaming od a deadly landslide come over.... Stand still you can do it.

  4. Good luck to PRS/BN.

  5. Latest news from Belaga; Billy Abit's supporters are throwing their undivided support for Ugak after CM n PM had endorsed the PRS's proposed candidate.Now that the team is together again the chances for PRS/BN to retain Hulu Rejang is great.Very good chance.


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