Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sarawak Will HILANG From Anwar too!

"Tanya Sama Najib, apa sebab goyang.. sebab Sabah dah hilang"... A favourite song Anwar likes to sing whenever he go on tour with his BAS MEWAH.. 

It seems that Sabah really is a gone case for Anwar, but never for Najib. Following the deportation of Tian Chua in KK airport.... due to angering Sabahans on the Lahad Datu incident and as the person who link to the Sulus... PKR will definitely lost Sabah seats forever... (at least for this coming election).

It is clear that the Sabahans would not trust Anwar and Tian Chua anymore; same goes to the Sarawakians. After what HAPPENED in Sabah, Sarawakians too.. majority has lost faith towards DSAI, pengkhianat negara and will not let him step foot in Sarawak. Period.


  1. "..angry Sabahans.." The political scenario in Sabah has completely changed.No need "ubah".In Swak people are not angry at DSAI n PR.Instead majority of the Swakians are fed-up with PR's antics.PR's last manifesto were unfulfilled after a lapse of 5 yrs.I was disappointed with PKR in particular.Its YBs just talked n talked.They seemed to live their lives by singing slogans.Nothing materialise.Wait when they take over the govt they said.Then they have to wait for fifty years more.They failed to address important n urgent issues in the DUN.PR's Ybs have no substance in their arguments.Their arguments were drown by their much prepared n knowlegdeable opponents.They even couldn't bring down Dtk Jabu.No need to face Dt Seri James Jemut,Dtk Adenan Satem n other BN ADUN.PR YBs just know how to talk big n nonsense at their ceramah.

  2. Coalition Parties or popularly known by its acronym BN is a union of not 3 parties but 13 (correct me)parties.BN unites the parties thru consensus n power sharing.This strong alliance among the BN is proven effective during any election.Strong bond among the component parties in BN will again be manifested during the PRU13.PR on the other hand is a loose entity.Pakatan derived from PAKAT i.e a plot.PR is therefore a plot consisting of PKR,DAP n PAS.Even among the three,repeat three only,PR couldn't compromise on anything.They dog-fight over seats to contest.DAP being more cockier than the other two however manage to win on many major matters.Now Kit Siang is contesting in Johor.PKR's Jui Ming has to stand in Segamat as a sacrificial lamb.Infighting among PR's members n supporters is akin to a soccer match - everyone is fighting for a ball.PAS n PKR is fighting for Kota Samarahan,DAP n PKR are at its other throats in Miri,n in Sibu DAP's Lo (a sick man,hope he gets well soon)is having a hard time to convince PKR that Lo's pick is a winnable candidate.Come nomination day,BN flags will fly high n its candidates faced no or little problems.PR,on the other hand,will see backstabbing among themselves.Aspiring candidates from PR,who are not nominated by PR,will jump party,leave their party,stand as an independent or just leave the scene in shame n anger.Mark my words.


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