Sunday, April 14, 2013


Was so upset when I read this in Malaysiakini. Are they too desperate in making PR win? Well, personally as a DEVOTED CATHOLIC CHRISTIAN I won't even bother by the polling date.

In fact, I am much more happier and blessed since I can pray asking for God's wisdom before I cast my WORTHY VOTE!

This is not government or electoral body being insensitive or not NOR being DISRESPECTFUL towards the Christians; it's about allowing the majority Malaysians in this country to vote and Sunday is among the perfect days.

Indeed, if we are considering rural folks who had to pick between voting and attending mass since some distance might consider as "journey" for them. I am hoping that the priests and pastors who responsible in different rural areas / kampungs would be able to give their sheep some guidance on how to go about this. 

Lord, God heavenly king is very flexible  and merciful. God The Most High did not specify a specific time for us to pray and worship him. Be pessimistic; if we are require to vote early we can actually negotiate with the churches in altering the time for mass.

Anytime Jesus will be willing to accept His children's sincere prayer and devotions. Chance to vote only comes once in 5 years and it is our DUTY  as a CHILDREN OF GOD to vote for justice. Do not put God's name in vain and use Him as an excuse for us not to fulfill our duty as a voter. 



  1. I don't think it will be a problem for the majority muslims to vote on Friday too before their prayer and after their prayer.. the minority one.. PERHAPS PAS.. who will argue for the sake of arguing....

  2. If I'm not mistaken Malaysians had a number of time casting their votes on Sunday.Three times,I guessed.
    The point is come Sunday 5th May Malaysians will cast their votes.To our Christian friends they are wise enough to make good decision.Normally,a mass ended around 10am and some not later than 12 noon.Polling centres will be closed before 4pm.There's ample time to vote.May God bless us all.

  3. PKR , DAP, and PAS are still trying to walk! They expect the Rakyat to vote to form the next government? Where they don't have trouble, we start from Perlis (PKR x PAS); Kedah (PAS x PKR x DAP) Penang (PAS x DAP x PKR ) Perak, Selangor , NS, Johor, Padang , Kelantan, Trengganu , Sarawak and Sabah, all the three major component PKR are cross sword! Can these small immature politicians with tainted leader Anwar can form the next government ? They are like mad dogs fighting for scrap food!!

    1. I agreed with u.The PAKATAN is at each others's throat.It reflected how disorganized PR was.They couldn't decide which party to represent them.PAS had announced its candidate for Kota Samarahan which was also claimed by PKR.In Julau both PAS n PKR were scrambling for the seat.There's infighting between the two in Igan too.All the opposition leaders were indecisive lots.Ur right in saying that these opposition parties are at a cross sword.


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