Saturday, April 13, 2013

Relationship Between The Size of P*nis & Level Of Intelligence...

Ever since the leak of Mustafa Ali's video opposition leaders have been denying his involvement and once again pointing their fingers towards UMNO. 

Reading their response while eating my favourite bowl of kolok mee... I was thinking has the opposition party too desperate till they lost their ability to see? Or maybe they needed a BIGGER & THICKER spectacles to watch the said video. 

If they still can deny the person in the vid and insisting on it's UMNO's job... then i should started to be pity on them as they have a seriously poor intelligence and what happen when these low IQ people become leaders? 

I do not have to tell you that anymore as we are all smart enough to know.  


  1. Hi there SKMee,
    Is this all u can write after a long absence? Anyhow,ur return to the scene is pleasant enough.
    The headline is a bit porno.I'm more interested to hear more news directly on the recent or current political scenario.For example,what's going on around Bau,Mambong,Hulu Rejang,Btg Lupar n Sri Aman.Lately I heard Anwar Ibrahim had a good bashing on the govt at Bandar Samariang and his presence drew a huge crowd.That Dr Tiki is likely to stand as a BN candidate in Mas Gading.I'm not certain of the validity of these news.Pls investigate.

  2. Owh... huge crowd doesn't mean they support Anwar Ibrahim

    1. Agreed.Some may just bystanders.Some may just want to be curious.One fact is obvious - they just want to see how does a bisexual looked like.


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