Monday, April 29, 2013

Politics of Hate – is this the kind of Politics that we Endorse? Say NO to Pakatan Rakyat

Another DAP Cyberbullies Playing Yet Racial Card. So Now Who Is Racist?

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  1. DAPigs is racist party? Positively,Yes.

    DAP's supremo Kit Siang dares the Chinese in Johor to vote for him.Otherwise,they are doomed to be branded as chinese traitors.

    kit siang called for fairness n equality.He preached democracy.All good things he wrote in his blog.

    Helen Ang was correct when she wrote about DAP: .."Saying one thing in your blog and doing something else on the ground...It is they who are racists.Accusing Ghani is just a smokescreen to thwart attention away from their own racism.."

    Well said bro.DAP manufactured hatred.


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