Friday, April 19, 2013

Mawan Is Not The One To Be Blame If Jelaing No Longer HOT & SEXY

YES, JELAING; we know that you are very angry. we know that you are very disappointed THAT  you did not got reelected at SARATOK. In fact, I bet you felt like got cheated by William Mawan, the present president of SPDP.

Should Mawan be at fault and to be blame for if you are NO LONGER HOT & SEXY? Mawan to be blame because he is taking over once yours Saratok? The one who actually FINALIZING the list of candidates will be PM himself; not Mawan. In fact, Mawan has done his part of submitting your name to be finalized by PM.

PM has his own set of reports and KPIs expectation on the candidates before placing them there. He has his own reason why he appointed Mawan to contest in Saratok.

Mawan's fault that PM and majority rakyat thinks he is HOT & SEXY?
Mawan himself definitely be surprised that he will be contesting at Saratok but not you; the NO LONGER HOT & SEXY one. Jelaing, maybe your time has come. Why not just be a man, be generous and support all the best for Mawan in his upcoming fight? Be grateful and give thanks to the Lord. 

Do not burn the HOUSE which gave you shelter and food down just because you did not achieve your personal interest.


  1. the vibes tiggling with goosebums all over my body & plus I suddenly lost my appetite when looking at. ...(won't say which one of them)'re really one cruel blogger brother!!!Lol!!!

  2. Everybody knows all along that Mawan was targeting the Saratok seat. Jelaing mistake was in putting his trust on Mawan. Najibs choice was just an escape clause. In the end BN will lose the seat to Ali all becoz of one mans political greed.


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