Thursday, April 4, 2013

Is Larry Sng Suitable For Lubok Antu?

From the North till the South, LARRY SNG this time has put himself contesting in Lubok Antu. Jumlah pengundi in that Parliament is 19,349 and percentage of Bumiputera has over 90%! Why Larry Sng left the North side and come to the South side? Was it because there's nothing left for him there? It seems like people in the North especially Pelagus & Kapit area is annoyed by his father Sng Chee hua. 

As usual, Sng Chee Hua will do something in order for Larry Sng to win this election. His tactic is easy to figured -- MONEY. Even though he will face loss in his business by withdrawing large sum of capital for election use .. Sng always believe MONEY can solve everything. 

Millions and millions will be pumped into the areas where Sarawak Workers' Party going into. It seems that Larry Sng is adapting his father's mentality when he said he will gain 2 to 3 areas. It's all he MONEY JOB that he trusted in. Without money, SWP will be nothing. 

Not forgetting his close relationship between DSAI of PKR.... Sng Chee Hua is the main player in separating PBDS; once the biggest DAYAK party into PRS & SPDP. Sng Chee Hua has almost cause James Jemut Masing lost his president seat in PRS followed by the sacking of Larry Sng from the party.

By combining power with Anwar Ibrahim, what will happen to the future of the DAYAKS? 


Sng Chee Hua is extremely RICH, I am sure it is not a problem for him to pump money into city areas like Kuching & Sibu seats. Do They have plans towards the DAYAKS after they won the seats? Shall Larry win in Lubok Antu?



  1. The Late Datuk Dublin Unting was the best ever.....

  2. "Will Larry win in Lubok Antu?"
    Contrary to SWP Deputy President's remark on Larry performance as a two-term ADUN for Pelagus there were insignificant contribution towards the betterment of Pelagus.Undoubtedly,during his tenure as assistant minister (3 porfolios?)while still with PRS and later as the advisor for the development for the youth after he left PRS Larry only cared to deliver govt annual grants to NGOs,JKKKs and certain communities without failed.Other than that there was nothing to be proud of.No major projects for Kapit.All the major projects were undertaken by the initiative of YB Datuk Alexander Linggi.If not for the last effort of Datuk Sei James Jemut n Datuk Alexander Kapit would still for an acute piped water problem.Larry was the ADUN for 2 terms yet he couldn't solve the water issue.The only notable "development" Larry deserved an appropriate thank u note was the new township in Bletik.Even then it wasn't a govt project.It was his father-in-law/father's business venture.
    Voters in Lubok Antu must be wise to choose who to vote.Your incumbent YB has delivered much meaningful development in Lbk Antu.Give him another term.PRS is serious in helping all the Dayaks and others in its respective constituencies.Of SWP ..well..ask George Lagong what he had done for Pelagus/Kapit since he won the state seat.

  3. PKR denied its candidate for Selangau has been "bought" over by SWP.Buying of voters is not uncommon among political parties.But buying out a candidate?This dirty n unethical play by SWP is nothing unusual for Dato Sng.Some ex-PBDS members can vouch for this.

  4. Larry will not contest in a Chinese majority constituency? Well,Larry dares not stand in Sibu town coz the chinese in Sibu have no respect for Sng Chee Hua.He was a pariah to the chinese in big towns.Sng had betrayed them the moment he joined PBDS after breaking away from SNAP.This I heard from chinese friends in Sibu way back then.I'm sure the situation now.In fact,Larry was a nice fellow except that he has no gut to stand up to his father.All his political life Kapit is his bastion n the Ibans are his strong supporters.But his position was weakened as soon as he challenged PRS.PRS being a Dayak-based party dared not want PRS to fall yet again under the non-Dayak leadership.Just musing..


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