Tuesday, April 9, 2013

马来西亚人民的一天! A Day In Malaysia....



  1. I can't read Mandarin.But the message is clear.Our daily lives are being "subsidized" by the BN govt.The moment we open our eyes we received subsidies directly or indirectly.The sugar we used to sweeten our coffee/tea,the gasoline to run our cars/motorcycles/motorboats/speedboat/express boat/bus etc ,cooking oils,flour for our daily bread are all subsidized.Thank u BN.

    1. PICTURES tells more than languages.. indeed we are blessed with lots of subsidies..

  2. Lembab betul.Not even one of the so-called pro-BN Swak bloggers reported the important announcement just now.Most of the pro-BN bloggers from Semenanjung reported as updates or breaking news a few minutes after SPR Chairman has made the announcement regarding PRU13.Nomination day 20 April,n Polling Day will be 5 May 2013.Fifth of May being a title of a popular song by BeeGees.hehe

  3. The PRU13 is around the corner.20th April is the date that all the aspiring candidates are looking forward to.No other date is more important than the date which will determine the aspirants next political move.

    A 5-term incumbent Billy Abit of Hulu Rejang for example will not want to wait for the big day.Will he be nominated by Bn this time around? PRS's President has made it clear that Billy had reached a plateau in politics.He should give way to the PRS's proposed candidate Wilson Ugak Kumbong.Billy was seen rather stubborn.Instead of toeing to his party's judgement Billy insisted he was still a winnable candidate.Let PM decides he told his critics.Seldom he mentioned DS James as his President.He seemed even to belittle the capacity of Dtk Taib to decide Billy's candidacy.Arrogant n over confidence.A true gentleman should keep his promise.A time has come to let go your ego n except the fact that a YB isn't for u to keep till death.Power must be shared. just thinking aloud.

  4. Have just watched our young "Bujang Senang" playing 0-0 draw with Sabah at Stadium Negeri.Our boys missed at least 3 good chances to score goals.The referee showed 1 red card to a Swak player which I judged not appropriate at all.Anyway,our boys deserved my compliments.Well done especially to our players jersey 11,13,15,7 n the keeper.Overall,these young crocs have improved last I watched them playing Johor a few months ago.The FAS should think of a better strategy.The present coach hadn't shown a positive result so far.Good luck for your next match.


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