Thursday, April 18, 2013


It seems that DAP & PKR already bringing their fight to the world WWE stage before the election even happened. Both party are in PAKATAN and their candidate lists were LATE compared to BN's list - ALL DUE TO INDECISIVE NATURE OF THE PAKATAN BABIES.

Parliment MIRI, it is believed that MICHAEL TEO (Senior PKR member) received directive from PKR HQ to contest in Parliment Miri even though knowing that they will crash into their sister party, DAP. Lim Su Kuen from DAP was a fresh member. After the saga between a senior member of DAP, Fong Poh Teck (2 of them snatching to become candidate); now she has to face Michael Teo

Meanwhile in parliament KUCHING, DAP had sent out JULIAN TAN KOK PING while PKR sending out their lady CHIEF, VOON SHIAK NI. According to sources, Voon had a head on collision between SEE CHEE HOW and her before she was finally chosen to become the candidate. Now, similar situation in MIRI; she will have to face her sister party, DAP's candidate. 

From the inner party till between the sister parties, it is obvious that their were no UNITY between them. Mutual understanding has not reached between them causing them fighting with their own kind. In fact, they should probably sit down and get it over with so they won't spend too many candidates in the same area. 

With sex video scandals, corruption scandals from the top of PKR & DAP till internal conflicts between the parties within PAKATAN.... being in peace will be never an option between them and it will too, bring upon to the citizen.

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  1. Pakatan is true to its entity - unregistered n a temporary convenient political marriage.Little wonder PR is tussling among themselves without shame n care for morality.
    Obviously,PR has proven itself as an unreliable replacement for BN.BN being a well-organized n stable organization therefore is more favourable to form the next government.
    PR has only 3 parties yet cannot solve a simple problem such choosing a right candidate.The 3 scrambled over the same constituencies in several instances.BN,on the hand,has almost settled any issues pertaining to choice of candidates.BN leaders are more farsighted,smart n brilliant in their decisions.We can rest assured that BN will bring us better future than the disorganized PR.


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