Friday, April 19, 2013

DAP Chong's Crotch Under Attack!

Chong Chien Jen's crotch is in TERRIBLE DANGER of SHRINKING! That is the reason he ran away from Stampin to Bandar Kuching.

Before DAP's candidates list released, Chong was supposed to contest himself in STAMPIN and he had actively reporting issues in Stampin which can be noticed in SIN CHEW.

Ever since BN announced Yong Khoon Seng as candidate in Stampin, Chong's crotch is shrinking and immediately SHIFTING himself to BANDAR KUCHING. Julian Tan, a new face in DAP had been filed to contest in Stampin instead.

Chong seems terrified of Yong; who remains as LEGEND in SUPP as he is well favourable by the people in Stampin. Chong is indeed selfish by putting a new face (Julian Tan) in Stampin in order to protect his crotch. 

Chong needs a bigger CROTCH in order for him to feel confident to contest in Stampin but obviously he is afraid of YONG KHOON SENG!

If Chong lose in Stampin, he will lose his MP seat and will not be able to represent in Dewan anymore and stay as ADUN only.... AFRAID TO LOSE? kekekeke....

1 comment:

  1. What will happen to DAP branch swk? DAP HQ might effects candidates in swk not be able to contest even.

    The last MP dream of Chong?


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