Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Around 3pm today DAP YB Chong Chien Jen has brought his team to Wisma Bapa to wish YAB CM "Happy Retirement" by presenting his cake along with a HUGE BANNER to remind CM about the retirement plan.


The DAP has obviously forgotten that there are still people in Sarawak who still wish CM to be remain as our leader!
CM is still remain a great leader in the hearts of many Sarawakians. The crowd says it all...

While Chong Chien Jen is gagoing from here to there asking CM to step down and retire from his political career,he is actually INDICATING that LIM KIT SIANG supposed to step down too and look after his grandchildren at home in Penang.

In Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB), Taib in fact is the THIRD PRESIDENT after Tun Jugah and Tun Rahman. Unlike them, LIM KIT SIANG has been involving himself as advisor in DAP ever since 1969. He moved on as SENIOR ADVISOR after a few years and maybe SILVER, GOLD, EMERALD or even DIAMOND ADVISOR till now. Everything is possible in DAP.

Besides, Kit Siang had transform DAP into a family company when he planted LIM GUAN ENG as the party's SECRETARY GENERAL; his daughter in law as ADUN. If DAP remains this way, Chong Chien Jen will never be able to expand his prospect in DAP national level.

This is extremely embarassing as Chong Chien Jen is actually pointing his finger towards Lim Kit Siang while BARKING towards CM. How ironic!


  1. It's not Pakatan to decide who to become CM.Pehin Seri Taib has the backing of his own party PBB and the BN Swak.
    Chong has run out of a better idea.Being a lawyer he should know better.Taib is the legal CM.He was elected by the people.His party won the majority DUN seats.Legally elected leader.
    Chong should focus on Pakatan's election manifesto.Can he fulfil them?What had he contributed to the well-being of Kuching?The vigorous growth of Kuching is not due to Chong.Chong cannot deliver any promises he made during his tenure as ADUN.Shame.

  2. The politics of hatred advocated by Chong is not doing good to Sarawak.When Pehin Seri Taib is going to retire is not Chong's business.Taib's political career is he alone to decide.Chong is not a member of PBB.What right has Chong to interfere.He is diverting our attention away from DAP's internal problem.Lim kit Siang has ordered a gag order/tutup mulut on DAP Johor.Democracy?Dictatorship in DAP?


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