Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bapa Larry, SNG CHEE HUA Menyebabkan 2 Dua Orang Mati Katak!

This incident happened the night after Nomination day on 20 April 2013's evening.

SWP Datuk Sng Chee Hua was giving out MONEY for those who attended his function in Selangau area. The MONEY given out was around RM 50.00 ~ RM150.00 per person. 

While he is distributing money at Rh Mencah Sg Sebaya & Rh Mujah, Sg Arip, the crowd has been so eager and everybody was trying to squeeze themselves through to get the money. 

Following from the incident, one from each long house had collapse and passed on due to the HOT WEATHER & LONG QUEUE till the night.

YOUR MONEY has indirectly caused deaths. This is unforgivable.


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  2. Anywhere Sng is involved there'll be money politic.Chee Hua is facing a tough opponent in Selangau.I hope that the voters are wise enough not to fall into his trap.


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