Thursday, April 4, 2013

Anwar RUNNING To Perak

Anwar has confirmed contesting in Perak rather than his old seat Permatang Pauh. The sudden change of seat is indicating that he is running from Pematang Pauh (majority Bumis) to Perak.

It is believed that Anwar is going to contest in Chinese majority area in Perak. 

It seems that Chinese community still believe in Anwar and does not influenced by the recent sex tapes and scandals.

His decision of running to Perak has been by far SMART & SAFE as majority if the Malay voters is now seen to be going back to BN. Scenery like this has been upsetting Anwar and the opposition party especially PAS. 

PAS members clearly has shown their objection and losing their trust in Anwar Ibrahim following the leak of sex tapes and scandals with a few individuals including men. 

Anwar also admitted that seats for the coming election have not been discussed properly and allocated as too many internal bickering going on which disrupted the process. 

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  1. run run run and never come back! arrrrrrr!!!!


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