Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Where Is The Money Collected On Wong Ho Leng's Name Back in 2010 By Election?

Earlier on we heard that Irene Chang, the wife of YB Wong Ho Leng, the DAP MP for Sibu as well as the DAP Sarawak Chairman blasted her own party, the DAP for failing to provide or even offer any form of financial support to her husband in respect of his current medical treatment for brain tumour.

Later on, Wong Ho Leng had publically declined that his wife has expressed her anger and finger pointing behaviour. Rumours don’t just appeared by itself, DON’T THEY? 

They can publicly denied the rumours but behind doors… what actually happen? Do they have enough money for the treatment? Has DAP members ditched Wong Ho Leng? What about the money which Wong Ho Leng manage to RAISE during SIBU BY-ELECTION? 

Dr Tang Sie Hing has even prepared RM300,000 of his saving just to replace Wong Ho Leng! Is he as insensitive and inconsiderate just like how Ho Leng's wife "described"?  

What happen to the money been raised under Wong Ho Leng? What happen to them? Will DAP willing to take out that money just for Ho Leng in case his financial position got into trouble due to his treatment?

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  1. It's obvious.The donors have been cheated.The money won't go to a pocket by its own.Someone hands are the culprits.Whose hands? Think for yourself.


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