Thursday, March 28, 2013

Video Yang Akan Memalukan PKR, PAS dan Terutamanya DAP!

Being PATRIOTIC to your country.. you don't have to be in Malaysia. In fact, you don't get people who LOVE THEIR COUNTRY SO MUCH like the 3 Malaysian artists in Taiwan ! 

Although they have now mostly residing and working on their singing career in Taiwan, they have never forgotten their HOMELAND and they are so proud as a MALAYSIAN! Every single moment they have been thinking about their home ground...

Where have this spirit gone to in our people in Malaysia? Especially DAP MEMBERS... YOU SHOULD FEEL ASHAMED as they sing nice MALAY SONGS and they proud of our BAHASA KEBANGSAAN....

Meanwhile, what do you see in Anwar? You see him going all INTERNATIONALLY criticizing his own beloved country.. even going to the extent of selling out this country just to become Prime Minister. Sometimes I wonder has Anwar really LOVE his HOMELAND? Where he grew up and going around? 


Below are the full interview in the show.. sorry can't find the one with English subtitles though.. ENJOY...

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