Thursday, March 14, 2013

SR, Big Fat Liar With No Sense of Guilt !

Sarawak Report Is Not Helping Them But Using Them As Subject For Lies & Propaganda
Thank you Ben Fogle for your article on Sarawak in Hello Magazine, please comes up with more of such stories. The people, who have been fed with the lies and falsehood by Sarawak Report, deserve to know the truth about Sarawak.

Of course, Sarawak Report takes a very strong exception to the article as it been telling lies  that Sarawak has no virgin jungle for Orang Utans and that Sarawak is a corrupt state.

The writer must learn to be a bit more humane and get over her extreme hatred against Abdul Taib’s 30- year rule of Sarawak. Only then the writer can be more impartial and truthful in her posting.  In any case, it is none of Sarawak Report’s business to say that Abdul Taib should go.

Firstly, Sarawak Report, being a foreign based blog, knows next to nothing about Sarawak. It knows next to nothing about the types of jungle suitable for Orang Utans. Actually, the totally protected forests include those being declared as sanctuaries for Orang Utan. 

Some of the orphans and injured Orang Utan have escaped from the open burning by estate developers in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Sarawak has sanctuaries for them.

Only a corrupt writer believes that what other people are doing are corrupt.  Nobody with a bit of intelligence and logic believe that Sarawak Report is doing its level best to malign Sarawak with very negative propaganda to the extent of spinning lies and falsehood, for free? Let the writer searches for her conscience.

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  1. Sarawak Report on a number of occasions failed to substantiate its claim on many issues.For one its theory on Awg Tengah's coup.The theory spins on lies that a PBB Sibu youth leader Radin Kadri was behind Tengah's "plot against Taib".That Radin's "blue squad" is against Taib.All these are lies.In fact,Radin is all for Taib.Taib also has faith in Radin's loyalty.Why should Radin bite the hands that feed him.
    Sarawak Report is biased and malicious in its report on Sarawak's politics.


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