Friday, March 1, 2013


Bloggers Anak Sarawak continue reporting from Saratok regarding the condition of BR1M 2.0 disbursement here at Dewan Masyarakat Sri Krian. 

Few canopies have been set up for the comfort of the waiting public 

The queues are in order and nto in havoc as claimed by the opposition in the dewan 

Rakyat collecting voucher for claiming cash later on
A Chinese woman receive her RM500 happily together with her  little boy

Based on the survey done by a friend of SarawakKolokMee from UNIMAS who have spoken to most of  the recipient in the Dewan, 75% of the recipient strongly supported BR1M 2.0 should be carried on as they are very happy and satisfied what our Ah Jib Gor done for them. 

Ucapan IKHLAS daripada seorang warga cina yang menerima BR1M 2.0 

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