Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sarawak Report : Proven What They Are

Thanks to the latest posting by Sarawak Report on the fall of Taib Mahmud, people will start to realise you are containing lies and twisted fact. Clare was not in the State Legislative Assembly when Chief Minister, Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud gave his winding speech on the debate of Budget 2013. 

The writer is not even staying in Sarawak right now, Clare will only be able to rely on the information that people provide her to play along. 

Just look at the time of DUN Sitting, She waited in her posh London home for members of PKR, who were very shallow or ignorant about issues and other matters being discussed in the Assembly, to give her the twisted facts and half-truth for her report.

Obviously, all they could do was to make very shallow interpretations, mainly for political purposes, of speeches of the Chief Minister and his cabinet colleagues for her.   

They do not present a bigger picture like Anwar Ibrahim’s attempts to seek the support of Australian Members of Parliament to discredit his own country, the NGOs sponsoring some Penan activists to carry out their anti-development activities in Sarawak in London, Canberra, Amsterdam and Zurich.

The posting of Sarawak Report, was another report containing lies and half-truths wrapped around ignorance, twisted facts and logic.


  1. your english gives you away as a fraud
    using kolo mee defiles the babi dish sarawakian non-muslims loves
    you are hereby forbidden to use kolo mee and the display of babi on your pathetic website.according the Pusat Kristian sarawak
    so be warned ,take down your pathetic website
    and stop insulting rarawakian's intelligence

  2. hey clare,see the comment; see how long b4 the idiot takes it down


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