Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Najib 'BAI NIAN' In Miri!

Our beloved PM Dato Seri Najib or chinese prefer to call him "AH JIB GOR" has arrived in Miri safely to BAI NIAN (拜年)!!! It also means "Ngabang" in Iban; am sure Sarawakians know this kekekekeke........

As reported live from a close friend, the Chinese New Year dinner with our PM is OVERWHELMING! It is reported that more than 6,000 Mirians is attending the function right now. 

The arrival of PM to the dinner is welcomed by AWESOME Lion Dance and the merrier atmosphere is just beyond words! Our PM indeed is loved by his people and well supported by MAJORITY of Rakyat...

Let's talk less and go on with the highlights of the night... LIVE
Welcoming Lion Dance! Ping  Pong Piang!

PM with is beloved wife and ministers in Sarawak (sorry the best Kolok Mee can get teehee)

More than 6,000 I reckon?!


Everyone seems to have the time of their life during the dinner time.. It seems full and there's no empty seats left! 

This shows that people in Miri loves Malaysia's PM as they came to support the dinner function and our PM remains popular among the people in Miri. Let's stay tune for what comes in Kuching next ...

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