Wednesday, February 27, 2013


I've read the awesome manifesto but it fails to explain how the nation is going to fund some new subsidies, grants, freebies, minimum wages of RM1100 and payouts when toll is abolished, reduced petrol price, cut water and electricity rates, free education, low car prices when we know that these items are main sources of government revenues.

I reckon all voters to think THRICE in voting the Pakatan Allies. For information, PKR Selangor can’t even give free education to UNISEL students when they have the authority to do so and most of their pledges in PRU12 are yet to be fulfilled.

Manifesto is not janji yang Pakatan pembangkang will fulfilled. One fine good example will be Kelantan which is under PAS ruling for 22 years now has not gone through much changes. PAS have JANJI them; but never WALK THE TALK.

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