Monday, February 18, 2013

LGE Lao Sai Never Finish Following Delayed CEC Report

LIM GUAN ENG THIS TOKONG LIM has been pressure by lots of current  DAP members to forgo his position in the party due to the recent CONFIRMED CEC results. As far as he is trying to deny, DAMAGED HAS BEEN DONE CANNOT BE RETURNED.

Please refer DAP Is Already Like This Since BeforeIf DAP is using "Excel Spled SHIT" to count vote and resulted the  current unavoidable situation, how people expect them to hold one clean election result if they are the one holding BIG POWERS? 

Branding Lim “a master of deceit”, DAP Ladang Paroi branch vice-chairman David Dass said the DAP secretary-general had resorted to delay tactics as he was not ready to respond to allegations that there were serious discrepancies in the CEC election result.

“He knows just what to do to get out of trouble … by diverting attention and using stall tactics.

“He is holding back from submitting the report to RoS because the next general election is around the corner and he is hoping that the people will forget about the CEC issue,”

with his Competency, Accountability and Transparency (CAT)‎

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