Monday, February 18, 2013

It's LGE'S LAO SAI Moment PSY Came To Malaysia!

What now? Psy has packed up and left with his reported RM3 million cheque. Smartly refusing to get entangled in the politics that was almost shoved down his throat with the yee sang invite.

He left behind a superbly entertained crowd who were treated to his excellent showmanship while they were inadvertently also treated to the main event – the unscripted unravelling of Barisan Nasional’s carefully staged vote-buying exercise.

WHAT? Can't you let us to have a peaceful CNY? Things like this also have to be politicized?PKR deputy information head Sim Tze Tzin claimed that BN was desperately trying to woo support among the young.

PAKATAN, YOU ARE THE ONE IN DESPERADO! You know you will lost in this coming elections so this is the tactics you are using! 

It Was Pakatan, Namely PAS And DAP, Which Brought Artistes Into Politics.

PAS has been showcasing its ability to lure local artistes, so what is wrong for BN to get in on the act?


PSY was brought in by the organisers and sponsors of the open house, and not BN.

As for DAP, the party launched its electoral campaign by producing a copycat version of the “Gangnam Style”.

Is that ethical? Leveraging an international hit tune just to lure support?

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