Friday, January 4, 2013

Ubah Rocket Style - FAILED!

Watching this video you quickly see how much time, money and effort has gone into it. But rather than writing these clichéd lyrics, perhaps they could have used the time better to formulate a manifesto or comprehensive polices they could use in government? Because UBAH Rocket Style is no substitute for either.

Source: The Choice

DAP has now played its lame “ace” ahead of GE13 in the form of a Gangnam Style rip-off called UBAH Rocket Style which is aimed squarely at the Government.

It deserves a bit fat “E” for Effort given that it is an energetic and extravagant production, which was shot at locations around the nation. But it’s safe to say not too many scenes were filmed in Kelantan given that the video features unmarried men and women dancing together.

The video is an attempt to appeal to the key youth vote but unfortunately, while it succeeds at being a cheeky parody; its key themes miss the mark. For example, one of the key characters is a dancing cow, there to symbolise the NFCorp saga. Since this video is effectively DAP’s vision statement for 2013, one has to wonder why it is so preoccupied with a corruption case that was uncovered in 2011 (by the Auditor-General), was investigated by the MACC this time last year, and resulted in criminal charges which are now before the courts?

Likewise its obsession with the Scorpene issue, which vanished from the front pages of our newspapers last year at the precise time it was revealed that the so-called trial into the submarine deal that was said to be taking place in France was a deceitful myth.

Two issues that long ago ceased to be issues, both of which consign this pop song to the “golden oldies” hour.

It also harps on about high prices, begging the question which of PAS’ benevolent state polices DAP will borrow to artificially force prices down? Leading the nation into recession is the most likely way a Pakatan government will dampen demand and thus reduce prices.

And strangely, the song zooms in on some issues that draw attention to Lim Guan Eng’s dodgy leadership in Penang.

You need to buy a house…but you must pay, pay, pay it intones while showing what could be George Town condos for the rich. We wonder if families struggling to put a roof over their heads in that state will also find it funny? Perhaps the video’s Producer Tony Pua should have taken his camera to nearby Taman Manggis to show the land that had been set aside for low cost housing but is now in private hands?

And its attack on Lynas is way wide off the mark, talking about nuclear power building, which means DAP too was taken in by last year’s lie that the Gebeng plant is actually a secret nuclear facility that the North Koreans would be proud of. In fact, back in July the news portal FreeMalaysiaToday apologised to Lynas about articles it published, which claimed that the Lynas plant may be unsafe. So why resurrect this false impression?

Also, this is K-pop, the very form of music the recent PAS Muktamar passed a motion against on the grounds that it is “excessive entertainment”. That’s probably why they didn’t ask Abdul Hadi Awang along to make a special guest appearance. Most people would pay to see him dance.

In other words it’s an exuberant effort but in terms of its big themes it’s an outdated, unruly mess.

So The Choice has decided to rewrite the lyrics to make it truly contemporary with a chorus that sums up where DAP sits within Pakatan Rakyat and makes it truly contemporary.

The CAT, Guan Eng, thinks he’s master of the party,
One man, one seat, it will never be the way!
Hudud, its friends from PAS, don’t want us to have fun,
To think, in Government they’ll finally have a say!
The chorus of course must reflect the power vacuum at the top of Pakatan Rakyat.
Hey, who’s our leader?… Oppa Anwar-Hadi Style.

You get the idea.

The great irony of this DAP piece is that it only serves to highlight the chasm between the Pakatan parties. Here are wealthy, metropolitan Chinese people dressed up in party clothes and having fun. They somehow didn’t find the time to get their cameras to a plantation, a poor fishing village, or even try to include poor Chinese people.

Members of PAS will watch 30 seconds of this video before turning it off in disgust and saying: “Told you so. We can’t trust these immoral Chinese.”

The first views of this video online received a largely hostile reception in the blogosphere. “Daniel” said: “As far I’m concerned, there are many styles in DAP. Father and son, dictatorial and autocratic styles.”

But another comment really summed it up: “This is really cheesy and lame. Come on DAP, excite us with ideas and arguments, not K-Pop rip-offs which have been overdone and then some.”

Indeed. With GE13 in sight the political debate has shifted to the real issues of the economy, education, reform and the big one missed by DAP – the future. 

Dancing cows and submarines make this video look like DAP is a party stuck in the past.

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