Wednesday, January 9, 2013

True Quality of A Hero

Rosli Dhoby (1932 – March 2, 1950)
This was the hero of Sarawak, died for his own homeland. His name is Rosli Dhoby (1932 – March 2, 1950) where no one will not know when asked. 

Rosli Dhobi was born in 1932 in Kampung Siong, Sibu, Kingdom of Sarawak. He was a Melanau Sarawakian nationalist from Sibu, Sarawak, Malaysia during the British crown colony era in that state.

He was part of the Rukun 13, a secret cell organization which carried out assassinations of British colonial officers in Sarawak. He was well known for his assassination of Sir Duncan George Stewart, the second governor of colonial Sarawak in 1948. 

He was caught and after a few months in prison, Rosli Dhoby was found guilty of murder and sentenced to death on December 4, 1949. Rosli Dhoby was sent to the gallows on the morning of March 2, 1950.

A drama Warkah Terakhir (The last letter) premiered on Astro's channel 131, Astro Citra. The drama filmed on Rosli Dhoby's life as a student, member of the PPM, a volunteer at the Sekolah Rakyat and the assassination of Sir Duncan George Stewart. 

Who are you to say Kanang is not a Hero??
You call this a HERO? HERO of China-Dolls perhaps?

Did Anwar spend his days in the jungles killing enemies of the country? No, he spent his days humping the china-doll.

Did he suffer few bullets for the country? Well, he might have shot few "bullets" to the china-doll. 

Did he defend the country like how Kanang defend our country? 

I guess Malaysian is intellectual enough to differentiate who is really sacrificing himself for the living hood of others, for the sake of our future generation.

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