Friday, January 11, 2013

Pergi! Jangan Not Going to Anwar's Ceramah!

What does it portray when hundreds or maybe even thousands of people attending an opposition's speech in a kawasan? Does it mean the opposition got a WARMEST WELCOME from that kawasan? Have you ever think about the other possibility? Could be famous for infamous misconduct i reckon... 

As usual, Anwar's speech usually attracts lots of people showing up, even the pondans or gays *laugh*

It is a time when we will start to notice this famously infamous SO CALLED HERO (China dolls' HERO of course *grin*) whether he is still using his same old speech, same old style.. exposing his same old agendas and super duper dull propaganda that have been recycled over and over again. For those regulars, it might have been re-watching low cost movie like having Deja Vu.

So why not? why not not going to attend the speech of once Deputy Prime minister who is now having a new label as BISEXUAL. Wow.. his taste just got BIGGER... & Greedier. Jangan tak pergi~!!!

Be careful, watch your back often or you might be the next of his never ending APPETITE. BON APPETITE. Chao....

1 comment:

  1. Aiyer.... saya tak mau kena liwat lelaki ni... mungkin ada penyakit tersembunyi


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