Friday, January 18, 2013

#LISTEN Tiki Lafe / Anthony Nogeh for P 192 Mas Gading?

P. 192 Mas Gading, kawasan with majority of Bidayuh and use to be fort for Dr Tiki Lafe. This kawasan has been strong place for BN.

Since Dr Tiki Lafe has been sacked from SPDP .. who will be the next suitable candidate? Will Anthony Nogeh be THE ONE for P. 192? 

Looking by the situation.. the sacking of DR Tiki Lafe obviously stopping him from contesting for the current coming general election. Anthony Nogeh is NEW in this area ever since absence of Dr Tiki Lafe.

Will P. 192 be able to secured under BN? SarawakKolokMee's speculation ended up that BN will lose and SPDP will pay a big price for sacking Dr Tiki Lafe from the party. It is rumored that Dr Tiki Lafe still campaigning for himself using Kelab Penyokong BN and his loyalty to BN has never fade.

Being MP for MAS GADING for so long and still remain as a winnable candidate according to trusted source, it is highly people will put their BIG BET on Dr Tiki Lafe.

SPDP, looks like you have take the wrong moves; moves that will cost the whole BN a big one.


  1. Mmm..I think it would not be a BIG PROBLEM for SPDP rite? As their self-proclaimed BEST BLOGGER in Sarawak presently is doing NOTHING about the issue but instead busy poking into other's business?

    1. Wait till the whole party sink then it will be a BIG PROBLEM for them... BEST BLOGGER? PUI~! the rating is lower than Melanau Blogger...

  2. SPDP is so arrogant especially their blogger Audie61!! Peras ugut YB just because they need fund..

    Recently ask money from MKN somemore! whooping over 1 million! crazy bastard! What are they gonna use that money for?


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