Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goodbye Satok Sunday Market, Forever Remebered

For most Kuchingites, their childhood cannot be without Satok Sunday Market, we grew up visiting this market almost every weekend. It is the legendary market in Kuching where you can find ALMOST EVERYTHING there.

Sarawak famous Ikan Terubuk, Kek Lapis, not to mention Apam Balik! Pet shops selling Persian cats and adorable dogs also exotic pets, flora stalls. It is also 1Malaysia place as food for the non-muslims sold here too... A PLACE THAT CONSIST OF EVERYTHING..

Indeed it is tearing the hearts of people in Kuching when this place has to go down, a place where no one in Kuching would not know when mentioned; which symbolized the exact living hood of the locals. It is THERE from the moment we are born. 

But do not be sobbing for the lost of this place because it has transfer to a new place, Kubah Ria FOR A BETTER REASON AND AS A BETTER PLACE.

Do not be afraid as the living hood of the locals will be carry on.

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