Friday, January 25, 2013

Chief Minister On Awang Tengah's Plot : RUBBISH!

The plan of CERTAIN CULPRIT trying to divide the strong bond within PBB (Parti Bumiputera Bersatu) Sarawak has FAILED, BIG TIME.

Datuk Amar Awang Tengah has been accused of plotting THE FALL OF TAIB MAHMUD in order to become the New Chief Minister of Sarawak a few days ago. 

Is PBB as a party which had since independence built up a strong bond between the members as fragile as it seems and easily fall for this trick?

According to TRUSTED SOURCE, Awang Tengah had scheduled a meet with Chief Minister himself and Chief Minister comforted Datuk Amar not to worried as he had seen through this DIRTY POLITICAL TRICK. Chief Minister himself even commented that this trick is RUBBISH! 

A wise man like the Chief Minister of Sarawak is not someone who can be easily play with. It is certain that through the CLOSED DOOR meeting between Awang Tengah, CM & THE TRUSTED SOURCE, there are few MASTERMINDS who actually plotted this scheme had been identified and name remain undisclosed till the time comes.

And NO, of course it is not SARAWAK REPORT which spreads untruth lies and started from. They have been set as a target by certain MASTERMIND as an opportunity to divert attention from themselves being blamed.

Bak kata pepatah by Unreported News, "Si oldy, The Sick One" and his geng will not be able to escape the sharp eyes of top Politicians. 

The foundation of PBB still remain as strong as it is. 


  1. itula.. pa mok sembunyi lagik? sik ada gutsss eh...

  2. This is THE FALL OF SPDP... because of the act of it's blogger...

  3. Rubbish... kakakkaaka


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