Friday, January 18, 2013

Bawani & Her Twisted Ambition

The video that has gone viral shows an incredibly stupid Sharifah Zohra Jabeen shouting down, talking down on one Bavani of UUM. The Persatuan Suara 1 Malaysia president was arrogant and condescending.

She was even off the tangent, talking of sharks fins soup! But this Bavani is no angel. She isn’t a political virgin or a simple university student. She has a record of being a rabble rouser. She wasn’t there to ask a question, she was holding on to the microphone and giving a ceramah!

She should have just asked a question to the panel and wait for them to answer but instead she went on a rant and refused to let go of the microphone and went on with her ceramah. At this point,  the incredible bimbo Sharifah told her off, in the most disgusting manner.

But Stop The Lies wants to expose that Bavani has been an active Parti Sosialis Malaysia activist and has been a serial anti-BN protestor in almost every pro-Pakatan Rakyat demonstration. We have here pictures of her involvement in pro-opposition gatherings and her socialist hero – Dr Nasir.

She is not a political virgin and we hope UUM will look at her incredible political record! We hope KDN will also keep these pictures of her in a new file on her.

Credits to & Kuchingitam
PAKATAN has gone quiet on PTPTN because they knew this will not do them any good, Bawani, wait till you started working and paying income taxes then you tell the public whether PTPTN should be free...



  1. If only politic is as easy as what she has imagine... too one sided and unable to control her emotion..

  2. Dah aggak dah Bawani ni bukan orang yang biasa.. eh eh .. rupanya ada pembangkang sebagai dalangnya.. astaga ~~~


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