Monday, January 28, 2013

2/3 Majority Not A Problem!

Syabas that our DPM, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Mohd Yassin has arrived Kuching safely! A rousing welcome has planned for our beloved DPM and CM's escort. Both appeared graceful and relax on the meeting.

CM & His Man Escorting The Beloved DPM, Tan Sri Muhyddin Mohd Yassin

According to an insider who attended the function, DPM and CM are free from any stress and worries as they were chit chatting and giggling away like the election is NOT around the corner. After a short break and snack, they move on to the next agenda which is meeting with all the cabinet ministers.

Both CM & DPM in serious manner on the state's affair

Many were discussed during the meetings and it only finish in the late evening before they proceed for dinner function. One thing for sure that has been raised during the meeting was "2/3 MAJORITY NOT A PROBLEM!" wowowo.. No one can beat that confidence level of Sarawak BN, even the oppositions. 

It looks like BN gonna win this war! Opposition only capable of using issues from the west in attacking the local government. Shame on you!

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