Friday, December 21, 2012

Think Before Responding, BN Cyber Troopers Told

Barisan Nasional cyber troopers here have been urged to be more transparent and responsible when countering allegations and issues raised by the public and opposition.

State Barisan Nasional Backbenchers Club (BNBBC) chairman Abdullah Saidol said they should be opened to constructive criticisms and be receptive of all public predicaments and issues before countering with the government’s side of the story.

“BN cyber troopers must tell it as it is. Be truthful in presenting your facts. We do not want to create a perception that the government does not have any weaknesses … that BN is perfect,” Abdullah, who is Semop assemblyman, told reporters. 

“We must be bold to accept criticisms in whatever situations. Accept constructive inputs from all quarters, including the opposition.”

He pointed out that if the inputs and ideas were workable then there was nothing wrong in adopting it. Abdullah said the key point to keep in mind is not to let criticisms disunite the people.

“What’s the point of having world-class highways or the tallest building in the world if the people were not united? Racial and religious solidarity must remain our top priority.”

Abdullah, who is also Chief Political Secretary to the Chief Minister, said if the opposition accused the government of not doing its job or had neglected the people, BN cyber-troopers should counter by publishing and explaining all that the government had done for the people.

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