Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Rise of the planet of SMEs

2013 is the year that most businesses and women in business to rise up!
3 years income tax exemption for tour operators who bring in at least 750 foreign tourists or handle 1,500 local tourists a year

1.5 Million hawkers and small businesses who are registered with Companies Commission of Malaysia will benefit from the Group Insurance Coverage Scheme - Maximum coverage up to RM5,000

Soft loans for hawkers and small businesses under Transformation Programme to support efforts to modernise their operations to achieve higher standard of competition

Fund of RM1 Billion to accelerate the SME's growth and expansion nationwide.

RM200 Million for the HALAL INDUSTRY FUND to finance the working capital of participating SME’s

RM1 Billion as BUMIPUTERA FINANCING FUND to assist local SMEs to finance the acquisition of GLC subsidies engaged in non-core activities

55,000 small entrepreneurs particularly WOMEN will benefit from GET MALAYSIA BUSINESS ONLINE PROGRAMME to promote their businesses by increasing their sales online

RM350 Million will be allocated for Tabung Ekonomi Kumpulan Usaha Niaga (TEKUN) to give loan on facilities to small-scale entrepreneurs, including RM50 Million to Malaysian-Indian entrepreneurs

SCHOOL BUS OPERATORS will benefit – RM10,000 cash rebate and 2% subsidy of interest rate for loan to change to a new bus

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