Friday, December 7, 2012

Sarawak's Never For You, PAS.. Boo!

PAS, your recent ruling and Samans on Non-muslims hairdressers TOO, are forbidden to cut opposite sex's hair is just ridiculous and foolish! 

And yet PAS has made the promise that Islamic Law will not ...
be implemented on the Non - Muslims! This is an obvious hypocrisy.. 

Unlike PAS, Sarawak is proud to have great hairdressers, even they are cutting the opposite sex's hair. We have no problem with that, AT ALL. Do you see how awesome the touch of this very famous hairstylist of Sarawak to the ladies?? Each of them look so fabulous and awesome... 

This is a story of a hairdresser. Kaviarasan, a barber since 1976, said he had parents bringing their daughters of one to 12 years old to his shops around the Klang Valley for haircuts.

Indian barbers also shave the heads of devotees, both male and females, during religious occasions like Thaipusam.
Kaviarasan said he also had girls requesting for boyish haircuts, adding that neck massages are given to both male and female customers as part of their customer service.

Malaysian Hairdressing Association president Billy Lim said the operators might have to double the price of their services to cover their losses if the ruling continues.

Owners might have to terminate their staff, reduce salaries or make them work longer hours just to keep the business afloat.

It shows PAS really implements what they say they will do. And it clearly indicates that no matter how the Opposition tries to reassure us that hudud will not be implemented on non-Muslims, their words have no impact. 

Where are u Dapigs/PKR? The minorities livelihood are affected by PAS Islamic Rules!!!

Vote for,

DAP=PAS=PKR =HUDUD for all !!!


  1. under PR govt, m sure the rights of non malays / muslim wl be violated... as partner, DAP keeping mum.

  2. DAP being such a coward just want to win this election without thinking of what will hudud law do unto the people....


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