Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One-Man-Show Cybertrooper

Sarawak Kolok Mee sure readers know who am I talking about here. This One-Man-Show aka "Syiok-sendiri" cyber trooper has to wake up and realize the TRUE ROLE of being a cyber trooper!
No doubt, being popular and having high visiting average per day is very essential as a cyber trooper to ensure messages have been sent across among the internet users. 

This does not give you the privilege to ride on it!  The cause is fighting for the truth and for the fact which twisted by the oppositions.. not on your personal gain!

There's ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong to have good relations with the famous YBs and ADUNs as important info and supports can be obtained from there.

How about till the extent of making up stories to threaten our respected YBs and ADUNs in order to get the supports and fund to campaign for yourself

"Umpama siapa yang makan cili dia yang rasa pedas" those who read this will feel the heastest moment if they think themselves fitting in this bill.. 


We are reminded to fight for the main cause .. to win this war against the oppositions.. be grateful of what has been provided for.. 


  1. Woooooo....i wonder who is this dude? Mcm terrer jer ??HUHUHU

  2. 100 % agree with u. he is jack of all trade master of none. Opportunist.
    Syok sendiri. Holier than thou. Always better and superior than others. Knows everything under the sky. My advice to him is just take a look at what is happening in our own backyard before criticizing what is taking place in other parties.

  3. Agent X~!! Terrer-nya! U knw who is the mastermind !! kekeke hehe....


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