Saturday, December 22, 2012


So do u think Dap can stop Pas from implementing their Hudud Law on us even though Kapal Sink is vocal against them on the issues??? They don't have the malay support within the party and they need Pas and Pkr to realise their dream of Putrajaya!


At the congress yesterday, DAP national chairman Karpal Singh tried to downplay the issue, saying that Pas remained an "important" component in Pakatan.

Take the latest incident in Pahang as an example.

After Pas was forced to make a policy U-turn on gender segregation in Pas-ruled Kelantan, the Islamist party is in the news again, this time not over khalwat, but for allegedly stopping a DAP concert.

THE Pasir Puteh Land and District Office in Kelantan issued a show-cause letter to the principal of SJKC Kai Chih for hosting a Mid-Autumn celebration on the school premises as the celebration without a "licence" was deemed to have violated the Entertainment Outlets and Control of Entertainment Enactment 1998.

AN outdoor community concert was held by members of the Pasir Mas Tao Tin Hu Keng Association to celebrate the birthday of the Gods. However council officers ordered the organisers to mount curtains to block the view of passers-by.

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