Saturday, December 8, 2012

DAP "TOKONG" Lying To The People of Serian

TOKONG from Penang has dropped by Kuching on the 24th Nov and his first stop is the Bumiputera Area -- Serian... It has been reported in his blog and boosted by DAP members that there were 2000 Ibans have attended the session with Lim Guan Eng. It has also reported that DAPigs is gaining popularity and supports from the Iban community.

I would say this TOKONG is spreading the biggest disbeliefs and lies!
He is so desperate to gain support from bumiputera communities as he has lose all non-Chinese's trust in Semenanjung! This is all his own KARMA after losing Tuanku Aziz from DAP --- the only factor that Bumi supports the DAPigs! Tuanku Aziz has been sacked earlier from DAP due  his objection voice over Bersih 3.0. 

It has been too late for TOKONG to persuade or even bribe Tunku Aziz to join DAPigs back as what has been done, HAS BEEN DONE FOR! Even TOKONG's Lao Pei-- Lim Kit Siang expressed his disappointment over the mindless act of Lim Guan Eng of sacking Tuanku Aziz.

Since TOKONG lost all his non-Chinese believers in Semenanjung, he came to Sarawak recently to continue putting on his mask and lying to the people of Serian by telling them DAPigs is popular among the Bumis in Semenanjung! 

TOKONG... you think Sarawak Bumi communities are DUMB & DUMBERS??!! you don't even lived here and grew up here... What do you know about Sarawak other than your ONE COLOUR DAPigs in Sarawak? 

Please la, don't come to Sarawak and shamed yourself here. Sarawak has no grounds for a hypocrite like you.. 

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