Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Hudud Sodomisation For All~!!!


So what is" DAP=PKR=PAS=HUDUD FOR ALL!!!! " doing about this???

Let's share ay letter from S.Param to the Star.

Demand an apology for this blasphemous incident, or teach them a lesson in the coming election.!!!!

There is no need for such a provocative and dramatic action which has angered the public, especially those of the Hindu faith. I would have supported the council officers’ demolition action if the structure had been built outside the house compound or in a public place without permission, but this is not the case!!

Generally these mini-altars are built within the house compound to offer daily prayers to deities to seek divine help and protection. Are the authorities going to demolish all of these structures in the many hundreds of homes in Selangor???

I did not hear of any officers trespassing into a private house, swinging sledgehammers dangerously in the name of upholding the law

This Sepang incident has created serious doubts for many non-Muslims about whether

to trust the Pakatan Rakyat government to protect the religious rights of minorities in the country.


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