Sunday, December 23, 2012

100% Freedom Will F*** You Up

Aren't we fortunate that we have very strict gun-law and the gov't is listening to the people to reduce crime which is one of the 7 national key result area NKRA under 1 Malaysia Transformation Programme. Of course we are still not happy with the result but it is still work in progress and we are seeing some improvement already.

This time, 20 children – aged six and seven – and six adults were shot in an elementary school in Connecticut by a lone gunman.

I don’t recall any incident whereby children of policemen or legal gun owners took their parents’ guns and went on a shooting spree in Malaysia.

If ordinary citizens feel safe, secure and protected, there is no need for them to keep and bear arms. And that’s how it has been for us – so buying a gun never figured on anyone’s shopping list, unless you’re rich and a potential kidnap victim.

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