Friday, November 30, 2012

Serve Your "TOKONG" Right, DAP

The best debate that Wongs presented in DUN Sitting! Wong Soon Koh has been attacked by his nemesis Wong Ho Leng regarding his ministry and not being able to fight back.

Everything has turned around when during the wrap-up speech by Wong Soon Koh, Wong Ho Leng has been forced to scream and feeling shamed from Soon Koh's intensive retaliation. 

Recalling his memory where Wong Soon Koh was talked down and bombarded by the "Father and Son" team in a very fierce manner during the Sibu Parliamentary By-election and office broken into before that speech, Wong Soon Koh really went all the  way out shredding Bukit Assek's ADUN's ego till the floor!

Wong Soon Koh sarcastically saying that maybe he should consult DAP's "Tai Ko" - Mr Lim Guan Eng or their another "Tai Ko" Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim for some opinions. He further press on Lim Guan Eng has his own problem to handle as his own DCM, Datuk Dr. Mansor Othman has leaked out a transcript of PKR meeting which revealed his distrust for Lim Guan Eng. 

Lim Guan Eng has been described by Datuk Dr. Mansor Othman as "cocky", "arrogant", "dictator" and a "TOKONG"!!! Woohoo!!! This came right out from Wong Soon Koh's mouth! He's old but still as sharp as a blade! 

Wong Ho Leng can't do anything to fight back but to scream and shout mindlessly together with Chong Chien Jen while the other DAP members muting and stick themselves on their seats; dare not to voice out. Serve your "TOKONG" right, Wong Ho Leng and in fact, an insider informed that DAP Sarawak also tasted the all-powerful domineering ways of LGE. 

Unable to debate back even shaming himself in front of everyone, Chong and Wong finally decided to just walk out of the sitting and take some air outside. Just like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.. DAP, you never see this coming ha? 

This is the day readers see the fallen of DAP and shamed! 

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