Sunday, November 25, 2012

N36 Semop ADUN, Did It Again!

YB Abdullah Bin Saidol ADUN of N36 Semop, has stands out during DUN Sitting again! Being the Chief Political Secretary and the Chairman of BNBBC (Barisan Nasional Back Benchers Club), he is the nemesis of Wong Ho Leng and Chong Chien Jen in the Sitting! 

His performance has been anticipated by a lot of people in DUN as once he opens his mouth, good show and debate will go on after rounds of boring sessions during the sitting. Even though he is taking care of a small little DUN - N36 Semop, but YB Abdullah has been a passionate politicians who take people's welfare into his account, especially people in his DUN Semop. 

In the recent Sitting, he has voiced out the problem of settlements in Pulau Bruit is facing. His speech is filled with sentiments and passions in the August House and it touches everyone. This is a politician that many have to look up to. If only majority of politicians in Sarawak following his footsteps... Opposition will have no grounds to fight back! 

Congratulations to YB Abdullah Saidol on your recent appeal for Pulau Bruit and wish you all the best in you fight for your kawasan. BN, is not as bad as you think.


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