Friday, November 23, 2012

Is This An Inside Job?

Sarawak State Library supposed to have this talk on Women's Right today. Well, from the title it sounds legit but there is something in this flyer that caught my eyes. Did reader noticed anything unusual in this flyer? It's the name of the speaker - Mr Arip Bin Ameran. What is his problem?

He happened to be a member of PKR which campaign in the last election and now remains very active in AMK (Angkatan Muda Keadilan), Youth Wing of PKR as a treasurer. Now, don't get me wrong; am not saying that member of opposition party cannot use government's facility but looking at Anwar's culture in the party where he would do anything to stay in power / to tackle Putrajaya (haha.. dream on).. 

Do you still think that this talk is going to be legit just as the title have mentioned? A young gentlemen (cough cough) like the one in the picture talks about women's right? His credibility has to be revalued. PKR would do anything to get what they wanted, even to the distance to spread their lies through organizing this SEEMS-LEGIT-TALK.

I believed before any event organize any talks, speakers' background check and intention of the talk is essential. How can he got the access to the library's use? Obviously, according to my Sherlock Holmes's instinct; HIGH POSSIBILITY OF INSIDE JOB. 

After my brother WIRA KENYALANG looking through Facebook looking by the name of  Razak Rambili / Geneve Vendrick which stated in the flyer "untuk keterangan lanjut, hubungi Razak Rambili/ Geneve Vendrick", this has been discovered...

I bet this gentlemen (cough cough) is the player behind the scene. Again, nothing wrong about opposition using the facility of government as this is a democracy country. But AMK, child of PKR??? Which involve in recent Who-Gonna-Be-PM issue... They are desparate.. very desparate... 


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